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We are Orma Skincare.

Providing advanced skin solutions created by scientists, for people of colour (all shades & skin types) for optimal skin health.

Our products are safe and effective.

We are a luxury skincare brand and we aim to provide the best skin care products and advice for all skin types.

We create great products by enhancing botanical ingredients with effective clinical technology. However, our mission goes beyond creating effective products, but also providing skincare advice, consultations, information and reviews.

“The Orma Skincare Experience” is stemmed from the idea that clear skin can be created and sustained through commitment to a good skincare routine and knowledge of the best ingredients for your skin, which are all provided at Orma Skincare.

We are dedicated to creating the best unique natural skincare solutions for all shades and ages.

We make use of the best quality raw ingredients mainly sourced from Nigeria. All our products are free of parabens and synthetic fragrances.

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